Rodent Control

Our rodent control services deal with pest infestations and the problems caused by mice, rats, squirrels and voles across London and the home counties.

We provide effective and specifically tailored treatments and pest control services to eliminate the nuisance and risks associated with a rodent infestation at your premises. Rodents can be highly destructive and have the ability to get in amongst different parts of your building from the basement and sewers up to the left. These intelligent creatures will gain access through gaps in brickwork, pipe shafts and chimneys. They are also very crafty and have learnt to avoid capture and become wary of poisons, making them a complicated pest to control.

At CJN we find that the key to dealing with a rodent infestation is to find the root cause of the problem. This is usually dependent on a food source and shelter, which is something that our properties are usually a reliable provider of. Once we find the root cause of your infestation we can then provide the appropriate pest control solutions to deal with the rodents.

You can read more about the rodent control services we offer below.

Rodent Proofing

Whilst it is important to implement pest control measures to deal with rodent infestations, the key to dealing with the problem is in investigating and identifying the any routes of ingress into your property, so as to prevent any subsequent infestations. Our pest control team will work with you to find these access points and devise a bespoke rodent proof solution for you. 

Because of the complexity of some properties it may not be immediately clear where the entry points are. As part of identifying these, we may need to use motion activated cameras or other monitoring aids to assist our investigation.

Once our experts have completed their investigation of your property, they will be able to assess which rodent proofing measures are more effective for your circumstances.

Common Rodent Proofing Measures:
  • Wire mesh

  • Copper mesh

  • Drainpipe rat blockers

  • Air vent covers

  • Weep hole fittings

Rodent Hygiene Cleans

If you are unfortunate enough to have a rodent infestation and have rodents living or roaming around your property, the priority is to locate and clean the areas where they were nesting in cleared and cleaned. The biggest concern with rodents is that of health and safety. Rodents are known to be carriers of diseases as pathogens in their urine and faeces, which presents a very real danger in transmitting them to humans. An infestation can very easily lead to soiling and contamination of surfaces, which can be highly dangerous in food storage and preparation areas.

At CJN, your safety is our first priority. We have invested in a specialist biocide solutions which safely kill off any harmful organisms and protect both you and your property.

Typical Rodent Nest Locations
  • Internal isolated areas such attics, cavity walls and lofts

  • Drains & sewers

  • Air ducts and ventilation systems

  • Cupboards & Storage Areas

  • Cluttered areas

Why choose CJN Services?

  • We have multiple industry accreditations including being Safe Contractor approved and a Silver Member of Construction Line

  • Our commitment to regular staff training ensures we use the best practices

  • Our operations cover London and the home counties

  • CJN has over 30 years of experience in cleaning

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