Pigeon Control

CJN Services provide a full range of pigeon control services to discretely deal with pigeon infestations and the the removal of roosts and nests.

We can then clean-up the droppings and debris before performing a deep clean. We will then setup pigeon control measures to help prevent any subsequent infestations and protect your property. You can read more about our services below.

Generally birds are beautiful creatures to have around, but of all the birds, pigeons are quite the opposite. Pigeons are often referred to as ‘rats with wings’ because they frequently carry diseases, gather in numbers and can cause a significant mess and damage to your property. As such a pigeon infestation represents a real health and safety risk, so it’s important to move fast to eradicate them and clear the mess made by fouling and associated debris. If pigeon infestations are not dealt with swiftly the resulting effects can create a toxic environment where the acid content in their droppings can damage stonework, masonry and the structure of your premises.

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Electric Pigeon Deterrents

Electric deterrents can be an effective solution for deterring pigeons and other pest birds.

Our pest control team install a low voltage electric bird deterrent system by Avishock. The system is not a physical barrier, but it modifies the birds behaviour by touch. The system involves  a small track that is fitted to the building. When the bird comes into contact with the track it emits a harmless electric pulse which deters the bird from returning to the area. It works in much the same way an electric fence deters farm livestock. 

This electric bird deterrent is ideal for complex sites and provides a discreet and effective solution that is robust and long lasting.

Electric bird control systems
AVISHOCK™ is suitable for removing infestation pressures on many different surfaces, including
  • Ledges & sills

  • Parapets

  • Beams

  • Roof peaks & edges

Chemical Bird Repellents

CJN Services can use two types of bird chemical repellents to deal with pigeon infestations – gels or liquids.

The use and effectiveness of chemical bird repellents is based on an cyclical application to replenish the gel or liquid. This is typically every twelve to twenty four months in order to sustain the potency and the desired effect of repelling birds from your premises.

Due to being effective from considerable distances, olfactory gels can be a better option than contact gels or liquid repellents.

Gel Repellents
  • Contact Gels – which repel the birds after making contact with them.

  • Olfactory Gels –  which repel the birds by taking advantage of their sight, smell and taste.

Liquid Repellents

Similar to contact gels, liquid repellents require the birds to make contact with the liquid in order to be repelled.  They liquid works by creating a sticky and wet surface that birds do not like landing on, which ultimately deters them from standing on the surface area.

This contact gel solution is ideal for protecting large surface areas, such as flat roofs.

Pigeon Netting

Pigeon netting creates an effective barrier to prevent pigeons from gaining access to vulnerable areas of your building that might be suitable for building a nest or roost or that might allow them to congregate and leave droppings.

Netting is a great pigeon control solution for rooftop areas, balconies, fire exit stairwells, loading bay canopies, gardens and many other exposed areas where they may wish to get into and shelter.

We use 50mm Pigeon Netting which can be adapted to fit and fully enclose vulnerable areas and protect them from being breached.

Other bird netting options: 
  • Sparrows: 19mm netting

  • Starlings: 25mm netting

  • Gulls: 75mm netting

  • On top of CCTV cameras

Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon spikes are a pest control measure used to deter pigeons from perching or roosting overnight on rooftops, ledges and sills around your building. 

Whilst pigeon spikes help deter birds landing on your building, they may need to be deployed with other measures for areas with significant bird activity and infestations. The use of spikes is also dependent on the design and accessibility of your premises, as well as the appearance, as you may not wish for them to be visible.

In many circumstances pigeon spikes form part of the pest removal and control plan to minimise the accessibility of exposed areas and the overall appeal of the premises for birds looking to congregate, roost and build nests.

Typical Pigeon Spike Installations: 
  • Ledges & Window Sills

  • Roofs & Gutters

  • On top of signage

  • On top of CCTV cameras

Anti-Pigeon Wires

Anti-pigeon wire systems are breast-height barriers designed to be fitted in locations where pigeons are likely to perch, such as window and building ledges. As a more discreet form of deterrent, they are a particularly popular pest control solution, particularly for taller buildings. 

Bird wire systems are effective for areas of light bird activity and newly constructed premises. For infestations or areas with higher levels of bird activity we recommend that other barriers and pest control solutions are deployed, such as bird netting, which is a more effective bird control solution.

Suitable locations for anti-pigeon wires: 
  • Light to medium infestations

  • Building ledges

  • Window sills

  • Cornices

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