Insect Control

At CJN Services we provide insect control solutions that allow the monitoring and control of various species of insect infestations.

Insect control is very important in removing and preventing infestations of flies, woodworms, silverfish, moths and other species of insects. Many insects, particularly flies, are considered pests, as the can pose a health risk to humans, pets and livestock. 

Insect infestations are often to be found around the storage and disposal of perishable produce such as food, decaying organic matter, compost or faeces. This is why flies and smells are often to be found around litter, dustbins and rubbish disposal areas.

If you spot the signs of an insect infestation prompt action is important to minimise the risks and damage to your property or the contents within.

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Insect Infestations

Insects and flies can become a nuisance when buzzing around your home or business. It is common for people to ignore the problem at first, only paying attention and starting to investigate when we see large numbers of flies. It’s at that point you must take preventative action, otherwise you could be faced with an infestation that requires a professional fly control specialist.

An infestation can spread as quickly, with some species able to mature from eggs to adults in just a few days. This can pose a very real threat by spreading diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli, as well as insects inflicting bites.

Signs of an Insect Infestation

There are a a few signs to be aware of:
  • Regular sightings: Around your property, food or bins

  • Dark clusters of spots: Tiny spots in light areas

  • Maggots: A sure sign of breeding, as these are the lavae eggs of insects

Insect Control

Stopping insects getting into your premises is never a simple process because there so many ways for them to gain access.

It is possible to install some insect repellent products yourself to reduce the number of adult insects, but if you have an infestation, it is the breeding larvae that you need experts to seek out and deal with, as this is the root cause.

Our skilled pest control team are able to locate and deal infestations, as well as provide a means to monitor and prevent further infestations.

Insect Control Services

  • Supply, installation and service of electronic fly killers

  • Installation of fly screens

  • Crawling and flying insect control

  • Crawling and flying insect monitoring

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