High rise development cleaning in Harlow, Essex

High Rise Cleaning – Edinburgh House, Harlow, Essex

We are currently working closely with Land Charter Homes on a new development in Harlow, Essex.

The project involves a number of builders and sparkle cleans to the flats themselves but also a lot of high-level cleaning to the atriums, which includes the balconies, decorative walls, flat windows and glass work. The cleaning took place over a couple of weeks and involved trained IPAF operatives to operate the scissor lifts and cherry pickers. The windows were cleaned using traditional window cleaning methods to produce the best result. The high-level cleaning is the final touch to the atriums to give them that extra sparkle.

High-level cleaning is important on buildings because it gives a great impression to the employee or client before they even walk into the building, then once they’re inside they can see how clean the windows really are.

CJN Services can provide IPAF trained operatives, abseilers and all access equipment to complete a high-level clean. Our professional team can provide high-level cleaning to and remove moss, dirt and grime from:

  • Cladding
  • Signage
  • Brick and walls
  • Glass
  • Gutters

By cleaning all of the above on your building you can ensure CJN Services will give you the best result and keep the building sparkling.

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