Bird Control

CJN Services provide a full range of bird control services designed to discretely deal with bird infestations, the removal of nests and the clean-up of droppings. We will then setup bird control measures to prevent re-infestation and protect your property from the further problems.

Whilst the majority of birds are beautiful and enjoyable to have around, there are pestilent birds which can be quite the opposite, causing a real nuisance. A bird infestation at your premises can damage your property, make a real mess and transmit diseases through their fouling and debris. This can in turn cause significant damage and disruption to your business activity. If not dealt with, bird infestations can lead to significant building maintenance issues caused by dislodged roof tiles and blocked guttering.

You can read about the range of bird control options we offer below.

Why choose CJN Services?

  • CJN has multiple accreditations including being Safe Contractor approved and a Silver Member for Construction Line

  • Over 30 years of cleaning experience

  • Our regular training of staff helps to ensure we use the best practices in pest control and cleaning

Bird Dropping Removal

Bird droppings can create a really disgusting mess that is both unpleasant to look at and a significant health risk, with airborne particles dangerous to breathe and  the foul able to transmit diseases. Furthermore, bird droppings can cause damage to your stock, vehicles and property such as blocked gutters, staining, discolouration and secondary insect infestations. 

This is where our bird dropping cleaning and removal service can help. Our highly trained pest control team use approved methods to safely remove bird fouling from your premises and are able to access roofs, ledges and canopies, as well as restricted and confined areas. To ensure the droppings are safely removed and your property is made hygienic again, we use an industry leading biocide spray which reduces dust particles, and specialised brushes and scrapers to remove the larger debris. The surface cleaning is then completed with a pressure wash of the area to fully remove all traces of bird foul. 

Pressure cleaning bird foul

Bird Netting

Bird netting is an effective barrier solution for preventing pestilent birds like pigeons, starlings and seagulls from being able to access and congregate on your premises. Bird nets are a suitable for a wide range of preventative applications for locations such as rooftops, plant compounds, balconies, fire exit stairwells, loading bay canopies, gardens and allotments, as well and many other vulnerable areas of buildings. 

From 19mm to 75mm solutions, CJN Services can provide bird netting installations to fit your specific spaces and fully enclose the areas that need to be protected from bird fouling and infestations. 

Bird netting sizes used for pestilent birds:
  • Sparrows: 19mm netting

  • Starlings: 25mm netting

  • Pigeons: 50mm netting

  • Gulls: 75mm netting

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are another deterrent and pest control measure used to prevent birds from perching or roosting overnight on the roofs and ledges of your building. 

Whilst bird spikes help prevent birds landing on your building, they are not always suitable for areas of high activity and infestation. Their use may also depend on the  design of your premises and the aesthetics, as you may not wish for them to be visible.

In many cases bird spikes are deployed as part of a pest removal and control plan designed to reduce access and the appeal of the premises to birds looking to congregate and build nests, displacing the birds away from your premises.

Effective Bird Spike Installations:
  • Roof & window ledges

  • On top of signage

  • Roofs & Gutters

  • On top of CCTV cameras

Sprung Wire Systems

Sprung wire systems are breast-height barriers designed to prevent pestilent birds from sitting on building ledges. They are a particularly popular pest control solution as they are one of the least visible deterrents, particularly on taller buildings. 

Sprung wires are especially effective for areas of light bird activity or newly constructed premises. If you have higher levels of bird activity we recommend other barriers and solutions, such as bird netting, for a more comprehensive and effective pest control solution.

The most effective locations for sprung wire systems: 
  • Light to medium bird infestations

  • Building ledges

  • Window sills

  • Cornices

Why choose CJN Services?

  • We have multiple industry accreditations including being Safe Contractor approved and a Silver Member of Construction Line

  • Our commitment to regular staff training ensures we use the best practices

  • Our operations cover London and the home counties

  • CJN has over 30 years of experience in cleaning

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